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A night of Dancing

September 3rd, 2013

WWII Weekend 2013

March 31st, 2013

April 26th is fast approaching. If you haven’t already registered for the event please do so before April 19th when registration closes. If you are bringing vehicles please use the vehicle registration form.

Learn more about the event on the WWII Weekend page.


December River battle 2012

September 18th, 2012

Our river battle at Ft. Bellefontain will be held December 1st. This will be a tactical event closed to public spectating. Your $15 entrance fee for the event goes toward the operating budget for WWII Weekend at Jefferson Barracks. Without your support of the River battle, WWII Weekend becomes more difficult to finance. thank you for our continued support of the River Battle, WWII Weekend, and the 2nd Rangers. Info for the event is on our events page:

WWII Weekend at Jefferson barracks 2012

March 2nd, 2012


Its that time of year again. The only new change to WWII Weekend is registration. Online registration is mandatory and there WILL be a deadline of April 18th. If there are members of your group that are not computer savvy, then register them online for the event. Late registrations and on site registrations will be a $10 fee to process.
As per usual, please stop at registration to obtain your S&A card, and confirm registration. This year there will be checks at all camp sites, display areas, and vendor stations. These checks will be random and refusal to register will result in expulsion from the event. We will have more MP’s this year to do checks at sites.
Stop at registration before unloading at your camp. The MPs are there for your safety. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me, Thank you for supporting this ever growing event. Here is the link to registrations click on your category of vehicle owner, or reenactor and look for registration.

Fall 2011 Newsletter

August 27th, 2011

Included in our Fall 2011 Newsletter:

  • Our Contact Information
  • Interview with Leonard Lomell
  • Building 72 Progress
  • WWII Bayonets
  • The Reenactor’s “Uh-oh” Moment (aka What to bring to events.)
  • Website Update
  • Did you know?
  • Quick Links
  • Upcoming Events
  • In the Next Issue
  • Contribute to the Newsletter

Rather than open the PDF in the browser (which can be slow and could freeze your browser) please right click the link or the newsletter image and choose Save Target As or Save Link As.

Fall 2011 (download in PDF format)

Read our past Newsletters.

WWII Weekend 2011 Group Photo

April 23rd, 2011


WWII Weekend Posters!

March 21st, 2011

Three WWII Weekend 2011 posters for you pleasure. Click the image to download the PDF. If you’re interested in a printable quality PDF e-mail the webmistress.


River Battle

December 2nd, 2010

The December River Battle will be held December 18th at Ft Bellefontain. From the looks of online registration, this will be a 100+ battle. This battle is a closed tactical which means it is not publicly spectated. Charge is 15 dollars at the gate. Bring plenty of food, water, and BLANKS! Gates open at 7 and the MPs will guide to where you need to go. If you need information on camping or directions, feel free to contact me . See the link to our page for additional information . Thanks for your participation.


September 30th, 2010

We attended the Scott Air force Base air show and once again took part in the Tora Tora Tora show. The Blue angels put on an amazing show along with many other trick planes and Air force jets. The Hangar Dance put on by the Commemorative Air Force was also a good time as usual. A little Rain didn’t stop anyone from dancing the night away. For more information and photos from this event visit Or photos and videos on our website.

Another great event we attended was WWII Days at Midway Village in Rockford Il.   As usual this was a great event. Hundreds of Reenactors from all over the Midwest come to this event and pull out all the stops. There was so much to see and do there wasn’t enough time. 2nd Rangers had a good time falling in with old friends from 5th Ranger Bn, 2nd Infantry Division, and 9th Infantry Division. To see more about this event also check our photos.

Next few events will be the WWII RBA reunion in Ft.Benning Ga, and the River Battle at Ft.Bellefontain. Recruitment is up theis year with seven new people. We have a potential for two more coming on board as well.

There have been new photo albums placed in the photo section of our website, and new videos as well. If you would like to make a donation to our organization, our donations page is up and running. Your donations are tax deductible and your generosity helps restore a building at Jefferson Barracks, and helps make WWII Weekend at Jefferson Barracks a quality event. See you at the next event.

Sgt. K. Owens

WWII Weekend 2010 Wrap up.

May 3rd, 2010

WWII Weekend 2010 has come to a close.  Despite the amount of rain that fell on us the entire weekend, it was a success for many reasons.  With pride I would like to thank the courageous public for braving the rain to come out and see our event.  For the amount of rain and the threat of bad storms, people still came out to see the show to the tune of 10,000 people over the weekend.  I have heard praise on how well the battles worked and how impressive the campsites were. Thank you all for attending our event. Please contact St.Louis county parks if you had a good time , Parks Director 314-615-5454. Also, feel free to leave a comment on our guest book page

I would also like to take this time to thank all the dedicated re-enactors that helped make this event run. Without your hard work, travel, and dedication, it all would not be possible. Special thanks to Moose for use of the radios, they were a life saver, and Brian for use of his mega phone, it was a voice saver.  There were some adjustments this year and we are starting to enforce new rules, registration, and safety and authenticity standards. Thank you all for your cooperation, and understanding with these efforts. thanks also to my fellow Rangers for their tireless efforts in planning, and execution of the event.

One more highlight to touch upon. We had been able to get a surviving D co. 2nd Battalion WWII Ranger to attend our event.  We all had such a good time with him. From getting him a cake for his birthday he just celebrated, and singing happy birthday, to having fun at the dance, and watching him hand out promotions to our men. We had a great time with Bill and hope he enjoyed it. We also had an honorary member of our group come from Ohio to attend the event. Her father was 3rd Battalion Ranger WWII, and like us, she wants to carry out the mission of education to keep their memories alive. She was astonished to say the least. From the amount of people, to the camps, and the vehicles. She got a better understanding of why we do what we do, and how we do it.  She also helped serve our cause at the event by helping to buy groceries, and working registration. Thanks again for your hard work Patti.

I would also like to thank the parks for being patient and having understanding. There was considerable damage done to the park due to vehicles and foot traffic. So far the parks have kept our costs down to a minimum. for repairs. If you would like to see photographs of this event. Please check out our photo gallery.

Again, thank you all for your attendance, patience, hard work, and understanding.


Sgt. Kevin Owens

U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry battalion of St.Louis,

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